Rapid City FC Starts Home Opener With A Win

by Louis Stephens III



Grand Rapids, MI – On Sunday December 31st, 2023, Rapid City Football Club (RCFC) defeated Ohio Extreme on their home opener in Major League Indoor Soccer (MLIS). RCFC started their title defense the new season. 

Alex Mendez scored eight goals and had 2 assists (Named Man of the Match).

Giuseppe Barone scored six goals and had one assist. 

TJ Ifaturoti scored three goals and had two assists.

Elmedin Zukic scored four goals and 1 assist. 

Jacob Potts had one goal and one assist.  

Jair Real scored two goals and one assist.

Jerman Juarez scored one goal. 

Aaron Gamez had three assists. 

Caleb Postlewait had 2 assists.

Anthony Bowie had two assists.

Jake Vanderlaan had one assist. 


The final score: Rapid City (25) – Ohio Extreme (2)


“Tonight’s game was full of emotions. This was our first game without Nermin on the squad and we wanted to honor him in a way he would’ve liked”, said Head Coach Louis Stephens III. “This was Ohio Extreme’s first match in the MLIS, so they came out with an energy in the beginning that we had to match from the start of the game.” 

RCFC returns to action on Sunday January 7th, 2024, to face the Cleveland Crunch at Soccerzone – Jenison (2pm).